Welcoming 2018 & A New Chapter


Dearest friends and colleges,
I trust that most of you have settled in after a precious little holiday break and found time for yourself and making a smooth transition into the New Year. Since the New Year happened under the reflection of a “super moon”, it may spin us off into the good energy of a super year for all of us with or without a change of course.
As for transition, I started mine off early by celebrating my sixty-fifth birthday. This milestone comes with lots of fringe benefits and privileges, even the ones that you do not appreciate or want to acknowledge quite yet. I did find myself reflecting on the past years with this milestone birthday event. In the process I looked back at a wonderful chapter in my life filled with work that I love, friends whom I adore, adventure, travel and foremost good health. The few bumps in the road during this journey turned into the life lessons I needed to take to heart and learn from. At times I proved a slow learner, but in the end… I got it! Now I turn the page to begin a whole new chapter.
It opens with the part where I take myself up on the promise to one day to return to Europe. January 5th Hans and I boarded KLM and did our journey in reverse, repatriating after a near 37 years of living and working in California. We took the plunge and returned to the Netherlands. No, not NEVERLAND (although some people may have wished that). It is that small country in Europe, the land of fifty shades of grey (in the sky) and four distinct seasons, mostly all four in one day.
So here we are, our third week here just ending. We sold our beautiful home and as per divine intervention found a wonderful house, exchanged the cozy California sun for a variety in moisture and unpredictable hair. What do I feel about it all now? Every new stage in your life will demand a new version of you. In that light I have begun to put that process in motion with a few steps at the time: appreciate the color grey, get my feet wet, acknowledge the early happy hour and really enjoy the bliss of waking up without pressing deadlines and suitcases to pack. It does exist!
The strange thing is, my head says yes while my body is not quite on board with this feeling and I feel a bit unsettled, I guess have to reunite with myself. I am sure it all may take some time to adjust and therefore I decided to grant myself a sabbatical. A slow time to enjoy all the new things, immerse in reading, work on my own body and of course designing our new home and garden. Gardening is my Zen.
After this sabbatical I will reevaluate my intended reduced schedule and decide how and what part of my schedule I would like to reinstate. I want to make sure, for myself, that I can inspire others and deliver with passion what inspires me. Ultimately, I believe in “to stop at your top instead of stop when you drop or are dropped.”
As for the SmartSpine, the business continues in the US while I am exploring several opportunities for local manufacturing in Europe to make it easier to purchase here. The whole system merges so effectively with the connective tissue and makes it easier  to reach within. Fascia, with all its mystery, its connection to movement and key to health will still be in the center of my universe and I will even have more time to integrate its virtues into my own lifestyle.
With the beginning of this new chapter I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have contributed to all of the opportunities that colored my life and my career while in California. Many of you my friends, my colleagues, mentors and teachers and most importantly the many clients from whom I learned. I will take your friendship and wisdom into my next “adventures” and stay connected where possible.
In the meantime, I will attempt to be more “social” with the social media (in due time) and certainly keep you updated from time to time.
From the land of wind, cheese, flowers & bikes
with much love and appreciation,