Rejuvenate with the Posture Pillow + Special Price Promo!

It is that sensation of feeling disconnected in your body, a mixture of physical feelings as if you lost the control button. At times energy and motivation are low and you don’t feel very grounded. It is just not your body and feels uncentered at best.
The road back to a renewed and improved YOU is as simple as recalibrating the body to regain optimal efficiency. Efficiency, ease and flow in body movement, that can be achieved by evaluating the following essential basics:
  • Body Alignment
  • Breathing Ease
  • Posture
  • Gravity… working for you or against you

Body Alignment
Optimal alignment is the result of a well rehearsed protocol applied in active daily living and may be introduced and reinforced in a basic work out. This alignment protocol is ideally introduced in a passive, supported, neutral position. The most critical position from which many exercises are introduced is the back-lying (supine) position. This is a position where the patterns of adaptive tightness, scoliosis and habit are easily compensated for and reinforced when not properly addressed.
To optimize the supine position for any individual, I like to work with the Pilates Posture Pillow (on special now). It is important to positionally ease the compensation for tight or overactive muscles in the back and neck as well as oblique holding patterns before introducing a movement protocol. This overactivity often inhibits the important mobility of the “rib basket” essential for good breathing.
The solution:
Unite the shoulder girdle, neck and head in pillow support. This positional protocol releases the overactive holding patterns while the center of the thoracic spine is supported by the floor. This support (also used with scoliosis) allows for a better and more free movement of the diaphragm. See video below.
Note: Make sure that the Pilates Posture Pillow is first shaped into a slight “ramp” incline of which the lower edge is positioned at the bottom of the shoulder blades. Adjust it to the individual needs, gently pull the pillow from behind the clients head until you observe the neck elongate and the solar plexus (xiphoid) sink onto the floor. The pillow is designed to be used lengthwise and also fits the reformer headrest.
Breathing Ease
With this passive support strategy of the upper thoracic region, the movement of breathing within the diaphragm and ribs is facilitated and greatly improved. The diaphragmatic movement is an essential contribution to “core ability”. Core ability represents a state of natural core support by I.A.P. (inter abdominal pressure) resulting from the diaphragmatic movement. I.A.P also contributes to the co-activation of all core players: Diaphragm, Pelvic Floor, Transverse Abdominals, Multifidus, Posterior Iliopsoas portion. A well timed and coordinated engagement during movement delivers movement control with a well centered and grounded feeling.
Posture & Gravity
This new centered feeling allows for a place where gravity assists in the upright position. Gravity is centered in the upright position (also high kneeling) anterior of the sacrum, just on the level of S-2. This means taking up a slightly forward position, shifted forward from the talus. (Functional Footprints protocol, Jean Claude West). This renders a position where the tighter/overactive muscles find movement freedom and the inner core structure a new motivation to core support. A place with renewed energy, movement ease and “heightened awareness”.
With this I wish all of you a safe and wonderful 4th of July,
Marie-José Blom

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