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Thursday, September 28th

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Dear Friends and Associates,

I love to share a brief update from my new life in the “Lowlands”. Lowlands, for me, stands for laying low. True in a way as I am less known as a social media star. This works for me as part of my commitment to sanity and health avoiding being chased by this social media bear called deadline and pressure.

In practice with my own teaching, I at last enjoy this precious and essential living in the moment feeling and the “heightened awareness” that comes with it now as a regular practice. Part of this is staying in touch from time to time with a little blog or just a few words to share or update probably written from where I can hear birds and smell the cows. Since I am now a few miles farther away (and you are missing me), I love to brighten your day with a little footprint I left for those of you wanting to stay current, review or… just for nostalgic reasons.

This footprint I am very proud of is the working relationship with Fusion Pilates. FusionPilates.edu prides itself as the source for serious education for the Pilates movement educator – I fully agree. That is why I am committed, education with an ever updated edge and a keen eye for detail. Therefore, I feel most comfortable leaving my three revered topics for you to (re)view at your own pace and convenience… till we meet again.


Core Motivations

My five-day Core Intelligence course distilled to detail, provides a strong basis and core concept to build your teaching on. Insight, skill and motivation from a true bio mechanical core understanding.



Simply Challenging

This is the expanded version of my Sling System approach to Core Intelligence. It uses the Cadillac with the Sling System (Balanced Body carries the Sling System) to reinforce all Core Motivation principles and takes them with more challenge to a new and deeper level. This protocol is a perfect fit for spinal issues (scoliosis), balance, gait training as well as strategic fascia integration.



SmartSpine – Teach and Treat

This workshop serves to empower the skilled movement educator as well as the manual therapist to introduce movement or/and therapy on a deeper level, cognitively as well as physically. This by preparing and softening/restoring the tissues in combination with and during the movement.

The protocol offered may be used integrated as needed during a Pilates individual session or in the order of progression as a complete session by itself. The warmth applied with the SmartSpine technique greatly benefits the myofascial system, leads to a true cognitive learning (feeling is knowing) and contributes to a calming reset of the over stressed body and mind.



MJ One-Day Spotlight by Fusion – Thursday, Sept. 28th

Although this professional foot print is here to stay, do not miss out on a one-day special offer on my education series put in place by Fusion Pilates. Plus, a one-day only promo code: BLOM.



I do look forward to meeting with you in person again, perhaps sooner than later. In November I will be traveling (by train) to Berlin, where I will be at the Fascial World Congress. I will of course be in Tokyo and for next year I have Hilversum (The Netherlands) as well as Rome on the radar. I will also be visiting Asheville, North Carolina to teach and play.

Stay tuned for more specific updates on all of the above. For now I trust you will enjoy the on-line special.


With Warmest Regards Always,





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