Berlin, Los Angeles, Hilversum, Rome, and More

Dear friends and colleagues,
Two weeks passed quickly after my return from Tokyo however a picture still stirs my mind. Watching my plane being ushered from the gate by this controller on the tarmac. He signed off the “ok clear” to the cockpit. His job was done… he stayed to wave all the passengers off until this giant was out of sight. Somehow this gesture of kindness and joy made my entire eleven some hour flight. It’s those little things in life.
This weekend I am in Berlin to attend the World Fascia Congress. The topic of this Congress is Fascia and its relationship to health. This research driven connection to our overall health and possible key to prevention in the future is what has driven my motivation and interest in this direction for the last eighteen years, or more. I am always curious I so look forward to Berlin, the Congress, the people, the city.
This time I can travel it by train. If this time Europe is a bit too far and you still want to be updated or introduced to what I think of as the bodies own ecosystem, the fascia, there is a wonderful opportunity to do so in Los Angeles, CA. This will be an exiting weekend with Dr. Robert Schleip himself. Here are the details to get “connected.” It is a weekend I highly recommend.
Fascia in Movement and Sport with Dr. Robert Schleip
Fascia is an emerging topic that is quickly penetrating the exercise, sports, and medical fields.  Fascia in Movement and Sport is coming to Los Angeles, CA. Space is limited to 80 participants!
Date: Feb. 9 & 10, 2019   Time: 9am-5pm
For details and to reserve you seat please visit:
As for my own schedule update for 2019, I will be conducting a two and a half day Teach And Treat SmartSpine practical at Art Of Movement in Hilversum, The Netherlands. These dates are: February 15, 16, 17.
Here is the link for information:
I will be in Rome on May 18, 19, 20. Details for this will be available via my website calendar shortly. If we do not meet in Berlin, I wish you a wonderful, safe and relaxed holiday season.
Staying in touch with warmest wishes, Marie-José