Fusion Pilates Presenter Spotlight – One Day Only!

Dear friends and colleagues,

As virtual connecting has now become the newfound normal in our field, I too like to “zoom in” to say hello and share.

During this strange time of uncertainty or unpredictability, I am in awe of the skill and creativity demonstrated by everyone, beyond the skill of teaching, to stay in touch with clients. Going beyond usual practice, offering classes and sessions to help clients stay healthy while maintaining a positive outlook and bringing structure in the day.

This involuntary downtime also allows us some space and time to, without any travel, explore your own on-line education.

No matter what, knowledge and skill cannot be taken away and with that we can all posture the “I am still standing”. The fact that we are indeed still standing is because of the many outstanding resources and opportunities to explore now through available education. One of the various education resources that I admire and respect for high end content, consistency and reliability is Fusion Pilates EDU.

Fusion offers a variety of workshops with many great teachers and master teachers now within reach. For anyone who knows me a little, I am not known for wanting to be filmed or be in the spotlight. Fusion did get me there and made me feel at home. 

Fusion Pilates features an Instructor Spotlight for their presenters. This spotlight allows anyone interested to take advantage of a workshop by the featured spotlight instructor (this time it’s me) at a greatly reduced rate. It is a one-day opportunity. This day will be July 30, 2020. The titles of my workshops are:

  • Core Motivations 
  • Simply Challenging 
  • SmartSpine, Teach and Treat 

The content of these workshops is timeless, void of any trend or gender, meaning to build at any level of proficiency. The red line throughout all three is the focus on the respiratory system in our body that “pulls it all”. This is not only relevant, but essential and far from unimportant right now.

I do hope you’ll find your way to something inspiring in there and that you can take advantage of reconnecting this way.

All of my online workshops at FusionPilatesEDU.com are discounted for ONE DAY ONLY! On Thursday, July 30, 2020, visit https://goo.gl/mrrjpf for all the details and get a great discount with promo code BLOM.

Wishing you good health, a great mindset, and an abundance of creativity.

With warmest regards,