Connect 2017 – “Teach and Treat Access the Inner Works of Fitness”


Thursday, March 16, 2017 to Sunday, March 19, 2017


Ulm, Germany

In search for the right teaching tool to facilitate optimal movement learning, as well as restoring/optimizing the mobility of the spine and its related structures, resulted in the creation of this unique and practical teaching aid and treatment tool. The focus is introceptive [Fascia the Tensional Network of the Human Body, R. Schleip/H. Jager, pg. 89, Fig. 2.3], while breaking a vicious cycle of fascial restriction using warmth during the movement or treatment. [Fascia the Tensional Network of the Human Body, Werner Klingler, Pg. 421, Ch. 7]. This unique creation is appreciated as a valuable fascia interface tool for movement and manual therapists alike.


Registration: To register or for more information please visit the event website.

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