Pilates Inspiration Trail Mix

In honor of “When Wellness is Your Business”

I love to share the stellar products with you that in many ways have helped me help others better. Coaching others to be proactive in being an active advocate in their own life is an essential part of a practice of teaching movement.

On a daily basis we are bombarded with products, gadgets, exercise props, etc. It is a day job to sort out what might work or what I could have done without.

Below you will find my list of “keepers” representing the very things that I am using in my teaching and either fell in love with for my own body, home, or on the road. These products represent the “trail mix” that keeps me on track.

These suggestions are just a start and I will keep sharing more favorite discoveries via this page. I trust there will be something that will embrace you as much as it embraced me.


Wishing you health and vitality,




Arnica Gold – Created by Jesse Rice

This product could only be developed by someone with a manual touch of gold. It takes a profound understanding of the role of the skin functioning as a true organ where the arnica functions as a conduit to what lies below. What goes skin deep is better when organic and bioavailable with a true representation of the first important and potent ingredient which in this case is Arnica (Arnica Montana). What makes it “gold” is the added plant-derived stem cells (apple pectin).

Here is how I have been using Arnica Gold for a long time:

  • For my hands: as a healing hand treatment which affect I reinforce by wearing warming gloves. This relieves any trace of joint and muscle discomfort (a touch arthritis) in my hands or feet.
  • The massage of bruises as well as treatment of scar tissue
  • As a total body cream (although very indulgent)
  • I love it so much that on the road I use it as a potent facial. I mix a small quantity with 2 teaspoons of green tea powder, leave it for 25 minutes, and rinse with tepid water. BLISS!!!


The SmartRoller – Created by Stacy Barrows, PT, GCFP, CPI

The SmartRoller has been with me since it’s inception. For me, its essential versatility is a “no brainer”. It is the only roller that I can successfully use with the Pilates Reformer. Used this way, it not only aligns the spine, it also challenges balance in a safe and more biomechanically sound manner. I also love it for dynamic foot placement correction. Using it this way, the entire body is addressed by mobilizing the connective tissue that relates the foot to the hip, pelvis, and respiratory diaphragm. The SmartPieces are in my purse for those “uber comfortable” airline seats.

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Five Bow – Created by Octavio Galindo

The Five Bow could only have be developed by a dancer… it was! When I was first introduced to the Five Bow, I knew instantly by looking at the shape and design that it would encourage the complex intrinsic movements of the foot. The bow design of the tool emphasizes the spiral dynamics present in every step we take, while it uses the fulcrum of movements, the talus, to navigate balance and distribute the equilibrium between the tarsals. The Five Bow is, as the talus is in the foot, functioning as a calibrator of the entire body. Thank you Octavio, this is brilliant!


CorrectToes – Created by Dr. Ray McClanahan

As a very frequent traveler to Japan, I am always shopping for new foot-smart devices. This is because it is Japan where I have found not only a shelf with foot related products but an entire department floor. However, many of the products will only address parts of the foot, not so much what guides and supports the function of the entire foot. For the forefoot to be organized for sound function, it takes all toes to work as a unit and should be guided in correction together. Positional guidance with the option to wear CorrectToes in athletic footwear turns every step into retraining of the neural system. It can also be worn during a Pilates or Yoga session. There the body learns as it plays. The link to the website provides a very sound educational explanation in understanding correct foot function. The tutorial provided is an excellent learning tool. When you visit the website and you will be enlightened.