From the Soul of the Foot to the Core of the Body

From the Soul of the Foot to the Core of the Body (1 day; 9-6pm)

This two-part workshop explores the relationship and dynamics between the proper placement and biomechanics of the foot and ankle, and relating to the performance efficiency of the entire body. The morning session includes an introduction to the functional anatomy of the foot and ankle, embodying the information by locating the structures on your own body and developing an understanding of the movement of the bones through seeing, feeling and understanding.

The afternoon session includes dynamic alignment and strength exercises for the foot and ankle, integration of optimal placement of the feet in Reformer and Trapeze Table exercises, and the effects of foot placement with tactile direction to whole body integration.


  • To gain a deep understanding of the relationship between the foot and ankle and the biomechanics of the entire body.
  • To form a strong physiological appreciation for the significance of the foot and ankle, and their potential affect on body performance, specifically the sacrum which represents the gearbox of the gait.
  • Learn to integrate Pilates exercise protocol with the existing repertoire for foot and ankle, as well as the application of therapeutic protocol.

Continuing Education Credit:

CECs for the course are available from Pilates Method Alliance


  • Füße in guten Händen  (Feet in Good Hands), Christian Larsen – German, ISBN-10: 3131355522
  • The Endless Web: Fascial Anatomy and Physical Reality, R. Louis Schultz – ISBN-10: 1556432283
  • Anatomy Trains 3rd Edition, Thomas Meyers – ISBN: 9780702046544
  • Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance, James Oschman – ISBN-10: 0750654007
  • Fascia Research, Robert Schleip – ISBN-10: 3437550098
  • Muscles and Meridians: The Manipulation of Shape, Phillip Beach – ISBN-10: 0702031097

Agenda Day 1:

  • Check In
  • Introduction of Healthy Kinetic Spirals
    • The Architecture
    • The Vault
    • The Bones of the Foot
    • Stability, Flexibility, and Efficiency
  • Intrinsic Foot Biomechanics
    • Inversion and Components of Inversion
    • Pronation, Supination & Lower Leg Compartment Responses
  • Practical Explorations 
    • The Spine and the Feet
    • Understanding the Twisted Plate
    • Connecting the Foot to the Hip and the Spine
    • The Two Dome Structures in Synergy for Support
    • Stability, Balance and Efficiency
    • Foot Intrinsic Concentration OR Foot Core
  • Q & A


If you are interested in booking this workshop for your studio, please contact [email protected].