Taking the Weight Off the Shoulders

Taking the Weight Off the Shoulders (1-day; 9-6pm)

The Essential Role of the Shoulder Girdle Complex and Thorax in Proper Shoulder Girdle Alignment in Optimal Movement

The focus of this workshop is to de-mystify the biomechanics of the shoulder girdle and its dependency on the stability of the Thorax. A stable and controlled Thorax unifies the connections of the lower Core with the shoulder girdle into the body as a whole, this will be addressed through the TLF. Achieving balance through strength and proper alignment is fundamental to the overall health of the shoulder girdle and the body in movement.


  • Introduce the knowledge of sound biomechanics and new cueing vocabulary into the Pilates repertoire
  • Architecture, evolution and joint structure of the shoulder girdle.
  • Renewed comprehension and skill of shoulder girdle movement.
  • A closer look at the scapular and glenohumeral movement and the relevance of the Pilates repertoire.
  • Learn to relate the shoulder girdle back to Pelvic and Leg Movements with a close look at the function of the TLF (thoraco-lumbar fascia).

Continuing Education Credit:

CECs for the course are available from Pilates Method Alliance


  • The Pelvic Girdle, Diane Lee – ISBN-10: 0443073732
  • The Physiology of the Joints, I.A. Kapandji – ISBN-10: 0443025045
  • Relax Your Neck, Liberate Your Shoulders, Eric Franklin – ISBN-10: 0871272482
  • The Thorax: An Integrated Approach, Diane Lee – ISBN-10: 0973236302
  • Anatomy of Breathing, Blandine Calais-Germain – ISBN-10: 0939616556
  • Anatomy of Movement, Blandine Calais-Germain – ISBN-10: 0939616572

 Agenda Day 1:

  • Check In
  • Introduction -The Role of the ThoraxKinetic Spirals and Force Couples: Making Movement Easy
    • Thoracic Mobility and the Effect on the Shoulder Girdle
    • Insight to Postural Habits and Holding Patterns
    • The Janda Principles
  • Directional Verbal and Tactile Cueing for Stability in Movement
    • Mat
    • Reformer
    • Cadillac (Trapeze Table)
    • Wunda Chair
  • Q & A


If you are interested in booking this workshop for your studio, please contact [email protected].