The Inner Circle

With delight…

I introduce to you the colleagues and peers that have made a mark in my life. These people have things in common that I greatly respect. They are not only running a business, they are providing a model of nurturing a business. A business that has been built over time, demonstrates integrity, builds community, and reflects knowledge in the field delivered through an interdisciplinary concept, changing bodies, and changing lives.

To all of you… Thank you.



Working Out is an Inside Job

Stephanie Cantu makes the “invisible” visible. This body of work was inspired after the SmartSpine Teach and Treat course Stephanie completed. The fascia works concept is beautifully expressed in layers of tensegrity tissue explaining fascia as an organ of communication as well as the organ of form. An extraordinary 3D teaching tool. Thank you Stephanie.


Internal Organ Support




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Studios in Focus

Danish Wounded Warrior Project

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Danish Wounded Warrior Project – Copenhagen, Denmark

  The Danish Wounded Warriors Project supports young victims of traumatic multiple injuries, return to a meaningful life by minimizing the impact of their physical and/or mental impairments with the help of highly advanced, specialized physical training. Highly promising results have already been achieved with the incredible support invested by private funding.. Many of the […]

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Kinesphere Center

(602) 532-3111

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Kinesphere Center – Phoenix, Arizona

Kinesphere Center for Movement Education is located in central Phoenix, our studio is devoted to the development of a health and movement consciousness in our community. At KCME, we try to foster a desire for knowledge and a love of movement in every individual. We offer a variety of movement modalities in both private and […]

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Studio Natural Flow

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Studio Natural Flow – Tokyo, Japan

 More information coming soon.

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Fusion Pilates

(828) 333-4611

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Fusion Pilates – Asheville, North Carolina

  Jennifer Gianni and Casey Marie Herdt of Fusion Pilates are dedicated to training the next generation of movement instructors in the most optimal, creative, and efficient way through a variety of live and online channels. All of our efforts are designed to offer creative and innovative Pilates education which will support and deepen the […]

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Up Studio

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Up Studio – Long Beach, California

We are the space formerly known as Long Beach Dance Conditioning, and we’re very proud of our heritage. UP is about realizing our potential and allowing the mind-body connection to inform our lives, creating better health and well-being. We are a full-service, fully-equipped mindful movement exercise studio offering instruction in both the Pilates method and the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. We […]

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Art Of Movement

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Art Of Movement – Hilversum, The Netherlands

My name is Stephanny Turton-Kat. I am the owner and founder of Art of Movement, studio for movement training, established in 2004. Over the years, Art of Movement has evolved to a studio with an enthusiastic and loyal client base and a team of professional and highly motivated trainers. The studio is housed in the […]

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CoeDynamics Pilates

(310) 798-7600

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CoeDynamics Pilates Teacher – Manhattan Beach, CA

Clients are already for a Saturday and Sunday shift. CoeDynamics located in Manhattan Beach with beautiful ocean views, is interviewing comprehenisve certified Pilates Teachers that are experienced with a variety of clientele, motivated, team oriented, independently repsonsible and is dedicated to his or her teaching and care of clients. CoeDynamics is an inviting one on one and small group studio and provides a […]

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